A Thousand Times Me

A Thousand Times Me

A Thousand Times Me is an algorithmic art project, inspired by the most prominent fractal sets like Julia or Mandelbrot, which expose the sheer beauty of the underlying mathematical principles.

A set of custom algorithms create a real-time visual as the visitor enters the space. The installation also explores the phenomenon that some algorithmic fractal set allows for infinite zoom into the image.

A camera captures parts of the visitor’s body and uses them for the creation of fractal visuals. The movement of the visitor is measured through sensors and the sensor data adds further variables influencing the visual composition, moving with the rhythm of the user, making it an interactive playful experience.

In order to enhance the experience of the visual representation the algorithms are shown in a kaleidoscopic space. The kaleidoscopic room itself represents an additional sub-part of the algorithm. Size, position and angle of the mirrors define a second set of “analogue” rules that contribute to the final result the visitor is experiencing in the space.

Creative Direction & Realisation:
Christoph Thüer
Simon Hänggi

Additional Programming:
Nikolay Matveiev

Sound design:
Mi Yun Shim

Special thanks:
Signal Noise
Marcus Dove AKA Dovestarr

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