iBar-intelligent surface system

The iBar – a magical bar that commands attention, delivering endless interactive possibilities

Ideal for attracting new business to any venue or event, the iBar creates a light ambience.   Stunning visuals, engaging apps and games make for a memorable visit.   This is the original iBar and still the best.

Scalable rear-projection technology, offering a seamless multi-touch experience

The modular form-factor enables a flexible, extendable interactive surface and we can support installation in custom built furniture.  There is no limit to how many users can enjoy this platform and the iBar is specially designed to be robust enough for sustained use in all indoor settings, under controlled light conditions.

iBar is a concept for making any bar counter interactive. The first prototype was developed by Simon Haenggi during his interaction studies at Hyperwerk in 2005. 

Since 2007 Dovestarr has been an integral part of Design, Development, roll out & Installation of the iBar in over 35 countries. Please contact us for more information…..iBar can come in all shapes & surprises….

  • iBar_03
  • iBar Lounge
  • iBar_01
  • 108 Custom 2
  • Texture-Venue_v02_DJ-Screen5

iBar Sochi, Winter Olympics 2014

iBar Multitouch DJ app

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