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Back at the tail end of 2013 we met up with Niki, she found a venue in Manchester & wanted to open a bar, She had no real brief or concept and asked Dovestarr to explore the space and get creative. I then approached Simon (who I have worked with for 10 years) from The Visual Pilots, together we set to work.

The building itself was an old victorian warehouse, the ground floor unit was the location for the new ‘Bar’, with it’s 4m high ceilings and ornate steel beams gave the space character. In our opinion though, the most striking feature was it’s  12m x 4m brick wall on one side, we knew the moment we saw it we could create a digital canvas on there that would become the feature for the whole project! But first we had to come up with a design of a space that works, to incorporate the Bar, booth seating, stage area, access to existing toilets, offices, store rooms and production booth. We physically mapped out on site various solutions to how the space could work, and came to an agreement on how to move forward. 

  • Texture-Venue_v02-ElectricScreen Main Wall
  • Texture-Venue_View03-1
  • Texture-Venue_View02-1

Dovestarr set out a series of ideas which in part or total will create a cool and amazing experience at Texture, making it a multipurpose space using technology. The mission is to create the environment with clever use of ‘tech’ which is attractive to the events industry, corporate events & the community as a whole – reaching further out to new audiences and therefore increasing the revenue stream.

The same set of technology can be used to transform the space into a bar/club environment, including some very unique features that will make the club appear modern, stylish and cutting-edge.

  • Texture Venue_v02_Wall03
  • Texture-Venue_v02_Wall01
  • Texture-Venue_v02_ClubMode03
  • Texture-Venue_v02_DJ-Screen5
  • Texture-Venue_v02_iBar01

Dovestarr & visual Pilots technical design for Texture incorporates:

DMX Lighting throughout, General lighting / External signage / External digital menu board /

Interactive bar (IBar) / Projection wall / DJ screen / production booth /

Moving head projectors / media server & site system control.

Texture have not implemented all the features in the design yet, they opened their doors in May 2015. 

Please feel free to contact us for further information to see how we can transform your space with visuals and purpose. 

The videos here are test recordings from our close buddies @ ‘Holiday Vibe Club’  testing out some video visuals at Texture. 

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