Smart Lighting

Set your scenes, create your mood, advance lighting & control from the wall, app or voice.

Schedule Lighting

Preset your lighting to turn on or off and dim at certain times of the day.

Gradually brighten your lights with a cooler colour temperature to wake you up in the morning, and schedule your lights to a warmer colour temperature when you wind down in the evenings.

Smart lighting kitchen
AOne App

Configure your AOne™ App

Setup, control and manage your smart space from anywhere, directly from your phone. Schedule your driveway and porch lights to switch on in the evening, and to simulate occupancy when you are away from home.

Set your scenes

Group your home and garden lighting into different scenes, allowing on or off control, dimming and colour changing functionality.

Preset the AOne™ App with a range of moods for different occasions and control with the touch of a button or your voice*; it’s simple.

Set the scene
Mood lighting

Create your Mood

Bring your garden to life by installing AOne™ colour changing smart lamps in your outdoor fixtures.

Set scenes to control the colour and brightness, depending on your mood, occasion or the season.

Sensor Lightbulbs

Smart Sensors

Configure your devices on the AOne™ App to control lighting by movement detection, occupancy sensing, lux levels and doors opening.

Set your bathroom lighting to come on automatically at reduced brightness during the night, so you don’t wake up the family.


Automate your Scene

Install an AOne™ Smart DoorSensor on the back door, and connect it to your garden lights to automaticallycome on when you go outdoors at night.

Sensor Plug

Smart Power

Control your household appliances from your phone by installing the AOne™ Smart Socket or Plug InAdaptor, whilst also benefiting from live energy monitoring.

Schedule your heaters to come on at a certain time, or lock the socket in the children’s bedroom to ensure they are not playing games late at night.

Take Control

Home comfort & convenience

Use the AOne™ Wireless Kinetic Wall Controller to replace your existing switch, allowing you to turn on or off, dim and change scenes.

Take control


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